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Project Description
eXed is an XML editor aimed at casual users that need to create a valid XML file without being frightened by the tagging that is so cumbersome and error prone when typing XML files in a regular editor. Using the Xml Schema Definition (XSD) file, it provides assistance in creating new nodes, offering dynamic help, and error support. Note that it is an early release, so beware!

It basically arose from my own dissatisfaction with the available XML editors, which were either too heavy for my use (such as XML Spy, Oxygen, etc.), required me to type a lot of tags such as <StartTag>Bla bla</StartTag>, and offered little support in that way. One that came close to my preferences was Xml Notepad 2007, an open source XML editor provided by Microsoft. Although quite good, it had some shortcomings too: the tree and values get misaligned after some typing, and it required the user to distinguish between elements and attributes. Like normal users care about these things. Furthermore, the dynamic help could not be made visible at the same time as the errors, nor did it automatically create child nodes that were required according to the XSD.

To summarize, eXed allows you to edit XML files:
  • multiple documents in a tree
  • where elements and attributes are added using the mouse as children or siblings
  • and where required elements and attributes are added automatically
  • using XSD for creating valid documents
  • and showing dynamic help
  • highlighting errors

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